to Aug 30

SOLD OUT Summer Kundalini in the Garden

Join Jay in her garden in the Old City Quarter for inspiring evenings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Feel the expansiveness of practicing outdoors. Bring a mat and water bottle. Foam blocks provided. No previous yoga experience necessary. Only 11 spaces available.

  • Wednesdays
  • 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • August 9 - August 30th
Kundalini in the Garden
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You may pay by e-transfer or cheque by emailing

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to Nov 21

Level One- 50 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training

With Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500, YACEP, RYS 200

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a powerful practice of awareness and transformation. The practice of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan will free you from subconscious fears, and reconnect you to your internal power, wisdom, and strength. The Manipura Yoga School Level One 50 Hour Kundalini Yoga training is an powerful opportunity to learn the philosophy, practice and basic skills of a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

More Information and Pricing Located in Teacher Training Section: Click Here.

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to Nov 5

Hatha Foundations Workshop Series

Hatha Foundations Series with Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500

Do you have questions about poses and postures that you never seem to "get?" Have certain poses become "stale?" In this UNIQUE WORKSHOP series, we will work through the physical and energetic mechanics in depth.

Each participant will receive individual attention in co-creating the best shapes for their bodies, and the opportunity to learn from the group experience about postures in a whole new way.

This is for all levels, all bodies, all abilities! Jay creates a WARM, SAFE SPACE to explore. No pose is too basic. LET'S re-open our beginner's mind.

Maximum of 15 students to ensure individual support. Register early to avoid disappointment.

  • Dates: Three Sundays, October 22- November 5th
    • Seated Postures
    • Standing Postures
    • Working with Balance
  • Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
  • Location: Lifestyles Yoga Studio
  • Investment: $85 for all three workshops (offered as a package, sorry no individual workshop registrations)
Hatha Foundations Workshop Series
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The Grounding Power of the Root - Releasing Fears with Kundalini Yoga

Being completely present with yourself can be hard to do. We can go through great lengths to be numb ourselves from this feeling on a daily basis through our choices, and most especially our thoughts. Being in this world is having both feet rooted in the ground while having the human experience. Being grounded also makes you committed to your path and helps put into action that which you see from the higher centers.

When we are grounded we are more able to do the big emotional work of acceptance.”  Gurmukh

“The barriers to change lay deep in the subconscious and are not easy to access with your rational, thinking mind. These blocks can be released through the chakra balancing practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.” Gloria Latham

“Acceptance is the opposite of judgement.” Jay Suttonbrown

Join Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500 for a powerful workshop designed to awaken your power and potential with Kundalini Yoga. Hosted by Jan Norman Yoga, come and discover how to source the gifts of the first chakra, and surrender the shadow aspects as we clear blocks related to fear, worthiness and lack. This workshop is sure to leave you with clarity, insight, and will empower your possibilities.

  • Date: Saturday October 28th, 2017
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Place: Port Alberni

Or you may email to make e-transfer arrangements.

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to Nov 26

2017 Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Igniting Inner Wisdom: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Bowing to that infinite elevated creative consciousness within, making a point to really listen to your own voice. Learning to listen to our inner  humility that drops us out of our ego’s tendency to control, allows us to feel our Infinite Self that goes beyond time and space, to see that all our answers are within – that we can move from the ignorance of darkness to the realm of Light. 
We spend so much of our time looking outwards for answers that actually reside within. This external grasping for peace leads to powerlessness, emptiness, and self-sabotage. Utilizing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, this retreat will give you the tools to ignite and experience YOUR inner wisdom. This weekend you will connect to, experience, and radiate authentic, powerful TRUST IN YOURSELF,  YOUR WISDOM.

More Information and to Register Click Here

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to Jan 26

Meditation Workshop Series

Limitless in 2018

What part of your mind resists meditation? What part of your mind loves it?

How do you develop the habit of following your higher nature?

Do what you need to do so you can do what you want to do?

Creating the conditions for higher self is not always easy. That is the practice. Join Jay to learn powerful meditation practices to connect, cultivate, and expand your higher nature...your limitlessness.

  • Friday Mornings in January
  • 6:30am-7:30am
  • Lifestyles in Nanaimo
  • $45
Meditation Workshop Series
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200 Hour Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training
to Apr 15

200 Hour Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training

Are you ready for a profound personal journey? Is it time to get deeply connected to your inner wisdom, your practice, and your life? Are you ready to  embrace authenticity, empowerment, and joy?

Join Jay Suttonbrown and the Manipura Yoga School in Haida Gwaii for the experience of a lifetime.

Complete Details and Registration Information Click Here


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to Jun 10

Women's Retreat 2018

A Powerful Weekend for Women with April and Jay

June 8-10th, 2018

A powerful space for women to be nourished, inspired, creative, inwards, wild, to just be!  As we approach the brightness of summer solstice, we hold sacred space to connect to the light within.  Come and enjoy FOUR yoga workshops with April Kuramoto & Jay Suttonbrown, a nature experience, and a sacred womens temple night.

All activities are optional with plenty of space to just read, relax or make art.  Hearty & healthy vegetarian meals included, with shared accommodations (unless otherwise arranged.)

More Information and To Register Click Here

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5:30am 5:30am

Solstice Community Sadhana

With Jay Suttonbrown, E-RYT 500

Join us for a group sadhana to celebrate the Summer Solstice. From the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, enjoy the powerful work of Aquarian Sadhana with Pranayama, Kriya, Meditation and up to 62 minutes of Mantra.

  • Arrive between 5:15am-5:30am
  • A blanket is recommended.
  • By Donation
  • Location: Lifestyles Yoga Studio, Stephenson Point Rd.
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Arm Balance Workshop

side crow cuba.jpg

Jay and the Manipura Yoga School are pleased to present:

Arm Balance Workshop with Jan Norman Yoga

The Gift of Empowerment for Any Age

Some upper body strength is helpful, however emphasis will be on learning alignment and setting a strong foundation to work from.

Another name for Arm Balances is Challenge poses. They challenge your physical body-great for strength and stamina and calorie burn, they also challenge your concept of yourself-can I really do this? What are my fears? Can I be curious enough to try and yet still listen to my body and be curious while I learn how to organize the support through the hands and upper limbs? A pose may be inaccessible at first but with the proper mechanics and a breaking down of the pose into preparatory actions it may result in mastery! Bring a little curiosity with your strength and determination. Curiosity brings a level of awareness and skills to the pose and one day the pose will stop being an obstacle to conquer and will become more soothing and empowering.

  • Saturday March 18th
  • 12-1:30pm
  • Only $20 PRE-REGISTERED (see below) This is a ONE TIME offer GIFTED TO EMPOWER YOU. Release intimidation and embrace empowerment at ANY AGE. 
  • $25 at the door on March 18th (cash only)
  • Location: Lifestyles Yoga Studio, Nanaimo

REGISTRATION: E-mail transfer your payment to
*no refunds*

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Certified


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to Mar 27

Tuesday Morning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Totality Series

"Do you know what love is? Love is an absolute power of self-totality. Love is not what you think love is. Love is a strength. Love is a goodness. There is no limit to it. There is no shortage in it. There is no bargaining in it. We would like to give you an experience of love within yourself so that you can understand your growth and you can understand how much you love yourself to find yourself. If you cannot find yourself, you can never find anybody you want to find." Yogi Bhajan Excerpts from a lecture on April 5, 1994

Come and experience Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to heal the heart, radiate compassion, and encounter the joyful play of YOU.  All welcome, no experience necessary. Time to cultivate BIG LOVE!

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Crystal Bowl Meditation Concert

Jay and the Manipura Yoga School are pleased to present:

The Crystal Bowl Meditation Concert by Pixie Hobby

Pixie Hobby began playing crystal bowls in 1996 with Crystal Voices in Vancouver. Since 2011 she has been playing her bowls in healing harmonics on a regular basis at yoga studios, in new-thought churches and spiritual centres, and in performing arts venues in the White Rock/South Surrey area . In 2013 she has been giving monthly crystal bowl meditation concerts in her home to raise money for the Turkana Empowerment Project, a charity that provides post-secondary education and vocational training for students in a remote region of northern Kenya. Pixie is a Reiki master, dedicated yogini and an environmental lawyer in Crescent Beach, BC where she lives with her cat, Calli.

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Restorative Yoga Workshop

Jay and the Manipura Yoga School are pleased to present:

Kara Schwandt's Restorative Yoga Workshop

Kara is a Yoga Teacher, RYT and creator of the Lotus Wrap. Kara began her meditation journey in Merritt BC during a 10 day silent meditation course. She then went on to explore Kundalini Yoga and certified in 2012. Kara is committed to increasing spaciousness in the body, calming the nervous system, and developing powerful journeys within. She facilitates the many roads to wellness and her mantra: Begin within.

You don't want to miss this special event!

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to Dec 13

Ong Namo Kundalini Class Series

Ong Namo Series ~ Reconnecting to the Teacher Within

Join Jay for a 5 Week Kundalini class series focusing on reconnecting to the Teacher within. Utilizing the mantra of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, powerful kriyas, and meditation, this registered class series is sure to move you.

November 15th - December 13th, 2016

The Market Studio, Nanaimo

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9:30am 9:30am

Developing Intuition - Expanding Consciousness

Empowering Workshops!

"Each and every day the mind is filled with thousands upon thousands of thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. If the mind is not regularly purified, its channels clog with the residue of thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. Thus, we become foggy.” - Jai Dev Sigh 

Utilizing the powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, come and develop the skills for clarity of intuition. Expand your field of awareness, and experience higher realms of consciousness. This isn’t about rainbows and unicorns, it is powerful, accessible technology that will clear the mind, and leave you experiencing the clarity of your inner wisdom. What better way to spend 90 minutes on a Saturday morning. 

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Kundalini Fall Retreat
to Oct 23

Kundalini Fall Retreat


Join us for a weekend of powerful intention, attention, and revitalization as you awaken your full potential in this immersive retreat.  Move beyond habits, blocks, and patterns that no longer serve you. Enjoy the sea air, the facilities and amenities, and our private retreat home within the Centre, where you can walk barefoot from your room to your Sadhana (daily practice). Register early to avoid disappointment.


The Kundalini Fall Retreat is all-inclusive. Rates include two nights accommodation, all meals, endless tea, all Yoga and Workshops from Awesome Yoga, and all taxes and fees. 

Shared Accommodation (2 people per room with a private bath): $525 per person

Private Accommodation (1 person with private bath): $725 



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to Nov 8

Breaking through Barriers to Experience Radiance

Workshop Overview

  • Tuesdays 9:30am- 11am
  • Seven Weeks: September 27th- Nov 8th
  • The Market Studio, Nanaimo
  • $175 plus gst

Week One: 1st Chakra: Moving from Fear to Acceptance

Week Two: 2nd Chakra: Relinquishing Rigidity and Sourcing Creativity

Week Three: 3rd Chakra: From Resistance to Commitment

Week Four: 4th Chakra: Compassion Unravels Unworthiness

Week Five: 5th Chakra: Owning your Voice

Week Six: 6th Chakra: Understanding Intuition

Week Seven: 7th & 8th Chakra: Experiencing Radiance



Seven Week Workshop Series


Join Jay for a seven week Workshop Series to break through barriers. Utilizing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, this workshop series will clear the subconscious blocks and balance the negative mind. Going beyond "thinking," this workshop focuses on total experience, going deeper than the mind to recognize, change, and ultimately heal the barriers within. Learn specific techniques, meditations and kriyas designed to soften the shadow effects of each chakra, the energy centres related to specific human experience. This seven week course will support you in EXPERIENCING, and living from, your internal power, wisdom and radiance.

Series Workshop Includes:

  • Workshop Materials
  • Kundalini practice in a beautiful fully equipped studio in central Nanaimo 
  • Weekly Kriya and Meditation home practice
  • 40 Days of Meditation
  • 10 hours of Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance upon completion
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Summer Solstice Kundalini Celebration with Jay in Tofino
6:00pm 6:00pm

Summer Solstice Kundalini Celebration with Jay in Tofino

During Summer Solstice, we open our hearts to the sun.  We are in a time where there is a beautiful pattern of creative, regenerative energies. It is important that we stay centered in the heart, grounded to the earth, and open to the power of the Universe itself. Summer Solstice is the one day of the year when the Sun’s Energy is at its highest, beaming it's vibrancy and radiance. Join us for an evening of Kundalini Yoga and celebration of light. Harness the radiance and ignite the fires of empowerment, authenticity and joy. 

"When we change our beliefs, we change reality! The problems we face are only unsolvable in an old paradigm. By opening our hearts as well as our minds, the way through everything emerges.” ~ Gurmukh


  • Date: June 18th
  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Place: Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio, Tofino
  • Cost: $25 plus gst
  • Space: Limited
  • Awesome? YOU BET!

To Purchase Tickets:

(Click the link above, scroll down to the Solstice Celebration and click Buy Now.)

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"Props-perity" Learn to Use Props to ENHANCE Your Asana Practice, with Kara Schwandt

"Props-perity" Learn to Use Props to ENHANCE Your Asana Practice, with Kara Schwandt

Join the amazing Kara Schwandt as she shares her passion for the comfort and connection that can be gain by a well positioned prop. Find out about the Lotus Wrap, one simple tool that will change your mediation practice. This is not to missed. Register at Earth to Ethers.

April 30th 12:00pm-2:00pm

Cost: $35 advance, $40 at the door



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to Feb 1

Creating a Daily Practice Workshop Series ~ Developing Sadhana

Are you ready to make a change in 2016? Are you ready to SHIFT HABIT energy into awareness, authenticity and action? Then the Daily Practice Workshop Series might be just the ticket.

Daily practice, Sadhana, is a discipline that leads to freedom. It is the daily practice of investigation and integration. Each of us require a balance of stillness, depth, caliber, compassion, strength and energy. By creating a space for intention every day, we begin to see the patterns of the mind, illuminate self-limiting beliefs, and empower our lives. Daily practice is a universal process, utilizing techniques to optimize ourselves.

The Workshop Series

  • Mondays
  • January 11th - February 1st
  • 6:15am -7:15am
  • Mantra, Short Kriya, Meditation
  • $40 includes 4 Monday practices and handouts

You will Experience

  • A personal Sadhana practice. We will begin the Sadhana together on January 11th. You will be given the materials to practice at home each day until we practice together again the following Monday morning.
  • You will experience both the group practices over 4 Monday mornings, as well as the establishment of a home practice.
  • The weekly group practices will inspire, support, and motivate your home practice.

Why 6:15am?

  • Traditionally Sadhana is practiced in the ambrosial hours (pre-dawn to dawn). In many places this meaning rising for practice each day at 4am. Lucky for us in Canada, this practice can shift a little later during the winter months.

The Benefits

  • Creating an authentic home practice with group support.
  • Mastering a mediation to bridge the darker (winter solstice) days of the year, and move forward into the light.
  • Recognizing and shifting habit energy that no longer serves.
  • Opening into 2016 with awareness, and developing the practices of empowerment.
  • Sadhana is the fire in which we burn off our old habits and patterns. It is the mirror that reflects “where we are at” and simultaneously it is the engine of change to lift us out of fatigue, fear and frustration into our lightness, joy and wellbeing. 


$40 includes 4 Monday practices and handouts.

Register HERE

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9:00am 9:00am

FREE New Year's Eve Morning Kundalini Practice

New Year's Eve MORNING
75 minute Kundalini Practice
Thursday December 31st
9:00am-10:15am* Special Time
Lifestyles (FREE to members, Drop-in fees apply to non-members)

This powerful practice will help you to clear any remnants of 2015 that no longer serve you, and set powerful intentions for 2016. This WILL NOT be a time to create "resolutions" - this WILL be a powerful time to commit to your inner wisdom and move into 2016 embracing all the BEST of YOU!

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9:00am 9:00am

FREE Christmas Eve Morning Kundalini Practice

Christmas Eve MORNING
75 minute Kundalini Practice
Thursday December 24th
9:00am-10:15am* Special Time
Lifestyles (Free to members, Drop-In Fees apply to non-members)

Join us for a JOYFUL practice in which we will connect to the Heart, expand clarity, and embrace all the season has to offer. Bring loved ones and share in the power of a Kundalini heart opener to kick off your holiday weekend!

wine pic.jpg
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4:00pm 4:00pm

Free Teacher Training Information Session

iStock_Smiling Side Angle Group.jpg

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Teacher Training is life changing. Deepen your practice, challenge yourself and grow.

This evening is dedicated to outlining the 200-Hour training, answering your questions, and sharing the power of the process. Bring friends and loved ones, have a cup of tea, and explore if Yoga Teacher Training is right for you.

Who should pursue Manipura Teacher Training?

  • Anyone wanting to experience personal development through the practice of yoga and meditation.
  • Students who want to teach yoga
  • Fitness Instructors who want to upgrade to a Registered Yoga Teacher 200-Hour Certification (RYT-200).
  • Individuals who want to advance their practice. 

To Register (Free Event)

Name *

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